घरचे सकाळी सकाळी झोपेतून अस
जस काय तिसर महायुद्ध सुरु झालय आणि
शेवटचा सैनिक मीच उरलोय....

Son : Dad there is a small get together in the school tomorrow.
Please come.

Dad : What do u mean by Small....Who all will be there ??

Son : Only U, ME & PRINCIPAL
Kid asked his dad for a bike.

Dad : Why did God give u 2 legs?

Kid: One to change gear & other
to apply break....

Kid rocks Dad shocks....
A little boy went up to his father and asked:

"Dad, where did all of my intelligence come from?"

The father replied:
"Well, son, you must have gotten it from your mother,

because I still have mine with me...."
Dad: Son, I have a Facebook account now...accept my friend request.
Son: You're on Facebook now?
WTF!!! Dad: What does WTF mean??
Son: Ohhh...It means, Welcome To Facebook, Dad.
Mom: Hi! Son, what does IDK, LY, & TTYL mean?
Son: I Don't Know, Love You, & Talk To You Later.
Mom: It's ok, don't worry about it...I'll ask your Sister, Love you too.
KID :- Why some of ur hair are white dad ?
DAD : - Every time a son make his dad unhappy ,
one of his father's hair turns white .....
KID :- Now understand why grandpa's hairs are all white.
Son asks difference between Confidence and Confidential.

Dad says, u are my son, I am Confident.
Ur friend is also my son,
that's Confidential.... :)


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